Our Bread And Butter

Motion Design

Motion design is the foundation of Insomnia Graphics. We’ve gone on to do full, boards to export video production, complex interactives, character animation and vfx, but it all started with mograph.

Here’s the software and techniques at the core of our studio:

The meat and potatoes


When Flash came along we were excited to see animation come to the web. We were early adopters, and what began as making animation for the web quickly evolved into making fully immersive interactive experiences for clients such as A&E, History, and brands like Guinness and Cadillac. Flash eventually was phased out, but the principles of good interactive design remained. Over the years we learned how to design great user experiences, and how to lead a team of developers. We follow the principles of UX design in every interactive project we do, large or small. We always ask, who is this for, and what do they want? We create personas so it’s easier to imagine them. Understand the scenario where they’ll be using our interactive. Study how they’ll use it. Understand what they’re trying to accomplish. Then take that knowledge, and use it to develop a site flow, wireframes, prototypes, and eventually a full interactive experience that is satisfying to both the user and the client.

Thank you!!

Jake made the entire graphics packaging process for the series run smoothly, is reliable, and creates stellar work!

Cionín Lorenzo
Executive Producer, Who Killed Jenni Rivera

Thank you so much!

Our studio loved working with you and the work you did for us.

Hunter Petterson
Project Manager, Fiction

Once again my friend...

...a true pleasure to work with you. Thanks for your effort and brilliance.

Annemarie Crivelli
Executive Director, Inizio Evoke Data Practice

Showed off your work, they loved it!

Working with you on this has been the highlight of the project.

Jason Knight
Senior Designer, Current TV

The site is BEAUTIFUL.

I have been showing it off like crazy. Thanks for the great work.

Laurie Ulster
Senior Director,