A Rare Opportunity

The Birth of a Franchise

In July of 2016, the NHL announced they would be adding a new team in Las Vegas. This was huge news in the hockey world, fans hadn’t seen a new team since 2000, and at the time there was no professional sports in Vegas. What was even more exciting, the team would play in the 2017-18 season. That left little time to come up with a name, logo, color set and uniforms. For that, they turned to Adidas.

Portland design shop Fiction worked closely with Adidas to create that design system, and when it came time to announce the results to the world, Fiction came to Insomnia Graphics.

Fiction had the logo built out of steel, with the idea that they would do dramatic camera moves in a studio as the basis for the videos to go with the announcement. The idea sounded great in theory but in practice it wasn’t turning out as they’d hoped. And the announcement date was just around the corner.

We got the call two weeks before the announcement to make a series of videos to run on twitter on the big day. As lifelong hockey fans we were thrilled for the chance, it was high pressure and a very tight turnaround. Just the way we like it.

The process

Work fast and work well

Time was a huge factor on this project, so I decided to keep all the 3D in After Effects. This was an unorthodox choice but it worked well, rather than pulling the model into C4D, we used Element 3D, eliminating a step and the need for a renderfarm.

The client provided some reference materials for us to draw on, shots from movies and movie trailers. We set about creating the 3D objects, lighting and surfacing, running ideas by the clients. It was fast and intense, but overall a smooth process.

Never miss a deadline

Vegas Project reel

In the end, we met our deadlines comfortably, and had time to add sound effects to really pump it up. Here’s a reel of the seven animations cut together.


Client Reactions

Thank you!!

Jake made the entire graphics packaging process for the series run smoothly, is reliable, and creates stellar work!

Cionín Lorenzo
Executive Producer, Who Killed Jenni Rivera

Thank you so much!

Our studio loved working with you and the work you did for us.

Hunter Petterson
Project Manager, Fiction

Once again my friend...

...a true pleasure to work with you. Thanks for your effort and brilliance.

Annemarie Crivelli
Executive Director, Inizio Evoke Data Practice

Showed off your work, they loved it!

Working with you on this has been the highlight of the project.

Jason Knight
Senior Designer, Current TV

The site is BEAUTIFUL.

I have been showing it off like crazy. Thanks for the great work.

Laurie Ulster
Senior Director, aetv.com